First of all many many HUGE thanks to you all for helping to make the Burrow Grotto night so very special again this year! From Rich Tea biscuits, icing sugar and cakes, to trees, decorations and GLITTER, you helped make the place absolutely beautiful, and we are very grateful.
My extra special thanks to the small team of amazing Burrow elf-mummies who swept in on Thursday morning, threw up gazebos in mere seconds, decorated trees like their lives depended on it, and covered almost everything in the wood in tinsel!!! They worked very hard, and very quickly, and we really would not have got everything done without them. I know there were others of you keen to help but had work or baby commitments…don’t worry we’ll get you next time!  And thanks again to roughly the same elf-mummies that came back on Friday morning to make the whole lot magically disappear! So much hard work and time saved for us , which meant in the afternoon, once most of the Bunnies had gone, we were able to spend time making the house look very Christmassy, and put lots of Christmas games and activities out for a full 3 weeks of festive learning.
On that note, my biggest thanks must got to the Burrow Team, Helen, Katie, Aisha, Tamlyn, Maddi, Myra, Corinne, Jean, John, and Taylor, who put in so much extra effort to make the grotto happen, run it so efficiently and joyously on the night, and make it such a memorable occasion for everyone (to say nothing of wearing Christmas costumes so willingly!!!) then pack it all away again while nursery carries on, and still find more energy to continue that excitement and enthusiasm as we heads towards the end of a very exciting term! They really are a great bunch and their commitment to creating such a special event for their Bunnies is admirable. I know they enjoy it too, but I am very grateful all for their ‘above and beyond’ at this time of year. I definitely owe them a good Christmas night out again this year!!! 😊 xxx
I hope you all found the grotto night as magical as I do every year, and will carry on sharing our fun in celebrating Christmas with the Bunnies for the rest of term. It is such a delight to witness them seeing Christmas for possibly the first time, certainly that they can actually remember, and I feel privileged to be able to light the awe and wonder within them (as shown so beautifully on their faces as they walked into the wood!) I hope they carry that sheer amazement, and magic, with them for ever, in everything that they do, but especially at Christmas time, and especially at The Burrow!